Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Bio

I have been making many types of craft projects for most of my life. I have done tole-painting, sewing, knitting, basket making, dried and silk flower arranging, some wood working, and for the last seven years, jewelry making.

I was inspired by my grandmother at a young age because she could make anything. She made the best mittens, the prettiest braided rugs, could knit, sew, made the best Bread and Butter pickles and relish, was a great cook, and made wonderful jewelry pieces. She loved making gifts for her family and friends and was always working on a craft project of some sort. She instilled a love of crafting in me at a very young age and that passion has continued within me ever since!

I absolutely love making jewelry, because it is such a fun, rewarding, and creative outlet. I feel under-dressed if I leave home without some sort of jewelry on. I wear each piece I make with pride, and I want anyone who wears my jewelry to feel the same way too.

My biggest fan and supporter was always my mother, who passed away a little over a year ago. She was the one I went to for her opinion about each new piece and she was always encouraging. She was also the recipient of many "new jewelry items" and she wore them with pride.

I am also blessed to have a very supportive and understanding husband, whom I bug frequently for his input as well as his skills for display building, use of his carpentry tools, or to join me in trips to the jewelry supply store in Freeport. He has become a well recognized customer in that store and he always has a funny comment for them.

I am the mother of three grown children, who have put up with their Mom always doing some type of craft project over the years and have survived!

I started making jewelry about seven years ago and became totally addicted to it. I love the fact that you can make beautiful pieces to match any outfit that you have or, in some cases, buy an outfit to match the jewelry....

I began teaching at Winslow High School Adult Ed about five years ago so that I would have an outlet for all the new techniques that I keep wanting to try and to support my beading addiction... Many of the ladies in my classes are repeat students and have now become as crazy about jewelry making as I am!

I find it so fulfilling to create beautiful keepsakes for people to enjoy day after day at reasonable prices. I also love the challenge of making new pieces with a certain color or theme in mind from requests from new or old customers.

I recently started a joint crafting venture with Sharon Carpenter of Kaleidoscope-Kreations, the designer of beautiful Dichroic glass pendants. I have discovered the wonderful world of Kumihimo, a Japanese braiding technique, and have used it to make necklaces with beautiful satin cord, and paired some of them with certain pendants made by Sharon.

Over the last seven years, jewelry making has become my passion and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you!


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog! Welcome to blogland - blogging is addicting!
    I've sent you a convo at etsy.
    Look forward to seeing posts about your jewelry.

  2. You are right- this is very addicting. I hope you enjoy my new post!