Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladies Night Out - Week 1 - Raspberry Swirl Necklace

Classes have started once again for the Winter semester of the "Ladies Night Out" Group at Winslow High School. We got together a week ago and had the pleasure of welcoming four new ladies to our fun little group! There are twelve of us, thirteen counting me, trudging out for two hours on Tuesday evenings to share our passion for jewelry making!

It was fun getting caught up on each others activities over the holidays and it didn't take long for the new members to see that the back and forth teasing amongst us is all done in fun and affection for each other. By the end of the evening, they were jumping in with their own comments and seemed to feel comfortable with the group.

Our first project was this lovely Raspberry Swirl Necklace and some of them made matching earrings. It is all about the "sets" with some of the ladies, myself included!! It was a pretty simple technique and they learned the tricks and hints around successful crimping. It is a very important technique in jewelry making as it holds the entire piece together and if not done correctly, could result in a mad dash around the room hurrying to collect bouncing beads!

We've had a week off due to school vacation but will be back at it this Tuesday evening, making a Knotted Pearl Necklace!

Stay Tuned!