Friday, July 10, 2009


Are you ready to pretend that you are Captain Hook and go on a Treasure Hunt? All Strung Out1 is offering a special giveaway and all you have to do is search my blog and website for the answers to the questions in the Treasure Hunt. Those of you who answer all the questions correctly in an email to me by July 15th, will have your name entered into a drawing on July 16th to win one of my favorite necklaces!!! If you find that you like the items on my website while on your treasure hunt, please leave me a heart - they are always appreciated :-) And if you decide that you like my blog - please "follow" me for future contests and surprises!!! Are you ready to begin???

1. What was the item purchased in my first sale?

2. What is my most viewed item?

3. What is the name of the lady that I've done a collaboration with?
4. Which is the piece of jewelry that my husband helped with?
5. What is the largest item that I have listed?

6. Which item has something handsewn attached?

7. What color is the most viewed of the dichroic pieces?
8. What is the name of the Japanese braided items?

9. Who was always my biggest fan and supporter?

10. What is my most favorite material?

11. Who has the most items for sale out of my favorite sellers?
12. Who introduced me to crafting?

13. When did I join Etsy?

14. What is the name of my grand dog?

Bonus - What is your favorite item in all my listings?

Reminder - all answers can be found on either my website or
within my blog - Good Luck!!!

Send me an email with the question number and your answers.
Put "Treasure Hunt" in the subject line. Leave a comment once
you have emailed. You will be notified if
you are the winner and your name will be also listed on my blog
on July 16th!! I can't tell you what the prize is yet because it is
one of the answers (hint hint)!!

Website -
Blog -
Email -

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