Sunday, August 2, 2009

Surf n' Sand Bracelet

This has been my biggest seller to date, but not through Etsy, yet!! This bracelet is currently featured in the catalog and on the website of a company called Femail Creations. It has been quite popular, if I go by the purchases made by them.

Femail Creations offers a variety of things from jewelry to signs, t-shirts, things with funny sayings, or gifts for encouragement or support. They offer gifts to celebrate and inspire!

Bring back cherished memories of a perfect day at the beach with these lovely linked Swarovski crystal channels in the colors of the surf and sand, complete with a silver starfish charm.

1 comment:

  1. This is a lovely bracelet.

    I am almost finished with the portrait. I will probably finish it up tonight and get it in the mail tomorrow, Saturday the latest. I've had a rough month but I'm getting back on track. Your daughter will have it before her birthday. Promise.:)
    You can see the progress on my blog.
    Would you like me to write what's on the cover of the diploma? If so can you tell me what it says, I can't make it out.
    Thank you for your patience