Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wish Upon A Star Bracelets - For Ladies With Addictions!!

I thought it was time that I post something in my blog - it's been way too long! It's been a crazy month in my day job, as I knew it would be. I dislike (that's being nice) the month of January because of all the special requests for reports, auditors, and reporting to our owners in their special reporting format. We are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel even though it still is quite a distance away. We'll finish up just in time to begin the fun all over again in a new month!

As usual, I get side tracked - the reason for my post!!!

Do you have a purse addiction, a shoe addiction, do not take enough "me" time for starters? These cute little charm bracelets are designed with you in mind!! As a child, and even now sometimes just in case it truly does work, I used to look up at the first star in the night sky and say the following:

Star Light,
Star Bright,
First Star I See Tonight.
I Wish I May,
I Wish I Might,
Get The Wish I Wish Tonight!

Have you ever done that? Well, let me introduce you to the Make A Wish Bracelets! They all have a star charm on the extender that is to be used to make your wishes!!

I Wish I Had More Purses is for the lady that can't step into a famous purse store without hyperventilating and won't leave the store without making a purchase of some kind. This bracelet is to warn anyone around her that she breaks for purse stores!!

I Wish I Owned A Shoe Store is for the lady with all those fancy schmancy name brand high heel shoes that you absolutely can't walk in without pinching your toes. Also for that pile of shoes in the closet that go with every article of clothing she owns.

I Wish I Had More Time For Tea is for the lady that doesn't get enough "ME" time during the week. This bracelet is to remind her that she needs to take time to drink tea and relax; life is stressful enough and things will wait.

I Wish Everyone Could Find Mr. Right is for a variety of ladies - the matchmaker who is always trying to fix up a friend with the perfect guy; the bride to be who wants everyone to be as happy as she is; and the lady who has been with the perfect guy for almost 30 years and wish everyone could find a guy like him!

I Wish For A Healthy Bundle Of Joy is for the mom to be, who is expecting her first, second, or even fourth child. It doesn't matter, she justs wants a healthy baby and wants the world to celebrate with her.

I Wish Calories Didn't Count is for the lady who is tired of being on a diet and wishes she could eat anything and not feel quilty and not gain weight just by looking at something fattening!

I Wish I Had A Green Thumb is for the lady who absolutely takes pleasure in working in her garden and reaping the benefits of being able to eat the delicious veggies all year long or enjoying the blooming flowers all summer long. It is also for the lady who wish she could grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables instead of weeds!

I Wish I Could Live By The Ocean is for the lady who dreams of summers spent at the beach with the scents, the sounds, and the relaxing waves gently lulling her to sleep at night.

I Wish I Could Find Something To Wear is for the lady who has clothes of all sizes in her closet that just can't seem to find the right outfit. It looked nice when she bought it but things have gone south over the years.

There will be others if these do well. One favorite is I Wish It Were All About Me for the lady who wants to have it all and be the center of attention!

They all have different gemstones between the charms to give them some color and are definitely a great conversation piece. They are available on my website, so check them out if you have time! Special requests are always welcome!! Enjoy :o)

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