Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Miracle of Life

God was at work again this week with one of his many miracles. This lovely child, Haven, was born on Friday to two wonderful people; my son, Adam and my daughter in law, Amber. She weighed 6 lbs, 12.6 oz and was 19 1/2 inches in length; a picture of perfection. She arrived 9 days early, much to our delight, after 13 hours of steady labor.

I thought that the experience of having my own children had to be the greatest moment in my life. I found out that the arrival of my 1st grandchild also fit into that category! I think I was more nervous this time around than when I was experiencing childbirth myself. I remembered, even though it has been almost 25 years since I delivered a baby, the process quite vividly. I kept getting these flashbacks of the painful contractions, the pushing, blowing out those non-existent candles when you weren't supposed to push, the exhausted feeling when you think you can't possibly push anymore, the excitement when the head and shoulders finally surfaced, and the unbelievable moment when you stare into that precious little face for the very first time.

The process seemed to be moving at a normal pace up until the pushing began and then Amber pushed for over two hours. She had insisted that she didn't want any pain medication during the delivery and she succeeded. I had told her that way back in the old days, when I had my babies, we weren't even given that option. Times have changed, but being a strong believer in all things natural, Amber wanted to deliver her baby the same way. There was a hint from her doctor that if the baby wasn't moving any further within the next 15 minutes, she would have to give her something to help her finish. That was all the incentive that Amber needed and she found the strength to give a few more successful pushes.

When we heard the music playing over the loudspeaker that indicated a new baby had been born, we went crazy! I couldn't control the happy tears that started and they surfaced once again when my son Adam came out to share the first pictures of his new little girl that had just been born on his birthday! I could see the pride on his face, both in what he had just experienced with his wife and in the greatest gift that they had just been given.

I've been to see Haven several times since then and she is coming home today! We have been dog-sitting for our granddog, Ella, who can't wait to see them and meet her "little sister"!! Adam brought over a baby blanket yesterday that smells like Haven for Ella to get used to so that the first meeting of the two goes well. I had a talk with Ella this morning and explained her important role in Haven't life as friend and protector. I think she got it because I proceeded to get a huge slobbery tongue lick afterwards.

I had a talk with Haven yesterday while holding her at the hospital. I introduced myself as she opened her eyes and listened to my voice, like she was really trying to understand who I was and what my role was in her life; she seems to be very smart already!! (I will try and not be as braggy in my future "Haven" posts, but I can't promise it - lol). I told her that I have alot of plans for the two of us in the future and how I plan on teaching her how to make all kinds of wonderful things like my grandmother had done with me. She seemed quite interested until her little belly reminded her that it was time to eat once again and I wasn't the one who was going to be able to fulfill that need!!

I can't wait for her to arrive at her new home and check out her beautiful bedroom! She is in for a wonderful life and Adam and Amber are in for a wonderful experience in theirs!

Here is a lovely little saying that I had seen once that says it all!

Before you were conceived, I wanted you.
Before you were born, I loved you.
Before you were here an hour, I would die for you.
This Is The Miracle Of Life!



  1. just beautiful and such a gift! and you're a grandma now, you have a right to brag!!!! joyous news and just love love that saying!

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