Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ladie's Night Out - Week 5 - Wire Wrapped Pendants

Another fun evening with the ladies!! We actually had a man join our Wednesday night class. He had contacted me a few weeks ago inquiring about wire wrapping and taking a class. I mentioned to him that we were going to be doing wire wrapping this past week and if he was brave enough to attend the class with nine women, then he was welcome to join us. This is something that he said that he has always wanted to learn and would like to do it as a side business. He seemed to enjoy himself and caught on quite well.

The sea glass for the first pendant was supplied by Laura, who has been a regular for a little while. She collects it every summer on a private beach in Pemaquid. She had some beautiful pieces and the ladies selected their base pieces and then glued smaller sea glass in various colors along with shells to the base piece. The seaglass pendant pictured actually was a gift for my mother in law. She collects seaglass at Hampton Beach each summer and I had selected these pieces from her collection to make her the pendant awhile ago.

While the seaglass pendants were drying, they started wire wrapping cute little rocks that I had purchased from another supplier on Etsy. The rocks were from Idaho and were very unique. They were smooth, long, skinny rocks with various markings throughout them, in varying colors. They were perfect for wire wrapping and very lightweight. We tried two different techniques of wrapping and the pendants came out lovely.

Once the ladies were done with the rocks, they switched back to their seaglass and wrapped that pendant. The glue wasn't quite dry, but they worked around it and re-glued anything that had come apart when they were finished wrapping. They seemed quite pleased with their pieces and it was another successful week of classes.

This coming week is the last week of classes in this semester. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. This week is Ladies Choice. They always seem to like this week but it is usually a little crazier for me. They can bring something from home to work on, finish up something that they might not have finished during one of the previous classes, or choose to make something from my website items. It won't be boring, that's for sure, with everyone working on a different project!!

The silver clay pendants were being fired this weekend. I am anxious to see how they came out. Laura's mother in law makes porcelain dolls and has a couple of kiln's. She offered to fire them for us, which was so nice of her. We will just have to polish them up and then dip them in liver of sulphur to basically antique any grooves that we have in our designs. Rudy thinks the glue smells bad - won't she be surprised.... After the dipping and washing afterward, we will attach jump rings and they will be ready to place on a neckchain to wear!! I'll post some pictures in my next article to show how they came out.

We also found out last week that we got approval to hold three more classes before Christmas. We are going to make projects for the Christmas season. I need to get busy once more making the demo's!

It sure keeps me out of trouble.....

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