Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ladie's Night Out - Week 6 - The Final Chapter

We had our last classes for the semester. This last week I lovingly refer to as Ladies Choice!! The ladies love it because they get to finish up projects from the semester that they might not have finished in class or missed the class, bring something from home to work on, or make a selection from the extensive collection of handmade jewelry from my website! I always dread this week because I run around the room like a chicken with my head cut off answering questions and helping with various techniques!

This week was no different. I thought I would do my civic part and go vote before my Tuesday night class. Little did I know how long that process would take until I was still standing in line to vote with 15 minutes left to get to class. This must have been one of the biggest turnouts this year and the lines were huge. You actually had to get in a line to get a number and have your name checked off to qualify to get into the actual line to vote... I've never seen it quite so confusing.

So, of course, I arrived late to class and everyone was waiting for me. I brought everything but the kitchen sink because there were several projects that would be going on at the same time and I wanted to be prepared for anything. It took two trips to the car to get everything in. I started handing out kits and instructions to those who had ordered them and then immediately started jumping from person to person to see what they needed for instruction or assistance. I should actually bring roller skates because in the Tuesday night class, they are scattered around the room, but I was a wall hugger in my roller skating days, so it wouldn't do me much good...

The common project was that they received their fired silver clay pieces and began to brush off the clay residue with a wire brush and then started the oxidizing process using liver of sulphur. That was followed by more brushing and polishing with a special cloth. It was a stinky process but the results were great! The ladies seemed happy with the finished silver pendants and were each stating what they would have done different the next time.

The next 6 week semester doesn't start until February, but I actually got approved to hold 3 more classes before Christmas to make Christmas themed items. We won't have such a large group this time but we will have a good time as usual and I'll post pictures of our lovely Christmas items. Now to get the demo's made......

Stay tuned!

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